Vim Browse


This patch offers the possibility to move through the terminal history, search for strings and use VIM-like motions, operations and quantifiers.

Default Behavior:

The default behavior listed below can be adapted:

Enter Vim Browse Mode:

Operations in Vim Browse Mode:

Motions in Vim Browse Mode:

Custom Commands: Custom arrangements of the aforementioned commands can be defined in the configuration file:

The shortcut

struct NormalModeShortcuts normalModeShortcuts [] = { { 'C', "/Cheese\n" }, }

searches for the next occurrence of Cheese when the letter C is pressed. Usecases are for instance to jump between executed commands or to last error in a compile error output.

No sanity checks are performed wrt. the custom shortcuts; the program does not check if the command is circular. Hence the (useless) shortcut

struct NormalModeShortcuts normalModeShortcuts [] = { { 'C', "C" }, }

triggers an infinite loop as soon 'C' is typed in normal mode, because C is contained in the shortcut as control character.

Search Mode In search mode, the cursor jumps to the next occurrence of the search string, shifts the screen if necessary and highlights all occurrences of the search string that are currently visible on screen.

All motions -- including the search mode -- are currently circular, (hence if no search result is found, the search is continued at the top or bottom of the history, depending on the search direction).


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The current version of the vim patch is developped on the commit 2b8333f of st, ports of the most recent version of the patch to other commits of st are listed below.

Patch based on 2b8333f (10-2019)

All versions based on 2b8333f (from old to new):

Most Recent based on 2b8333f:

Patch based on 26cdfeb (02-2020)

While porting to the current version is straight-forward, one vital change is overridden when operating e.g. with the current head of master (26cdfeb, 02-2020).

All versions based on 26cdfeb (from old to new) :

Most Recent based on 26cdfeb :

Authors of the Scrollback patch

Authors of the Vim-Browse Patch