Change Alpha

A patch that allows for updating terminal transparency natively.


This patch is an extension to the alpha patch, which must be applied prior.


patch version 0.8.2 i.e., 0.8.2 is the minimum compatible version.

Makefile if you are having issues running make install.


Later versions of the default alpha patch provide a method of changing window opacity via the -A flag, however, with no method of querying the current alpha level, it is difficult to write scripts which increment or decrement this value. It is typically possible to update the opacity via your compositor, but not all compositors support this, and even if they do, your setup is still less portable at the end of the day. The transset-df package located in the AUR is the closest I've come to changing opacity on a per-window basis, however, it still requires writing a script and binding that script to some keys using a keybinding manager of some sort. Not to mention, it's fatal flaw - you cannot increase the opacity beyond the default value set with the alpha patch.


Patch: alpha (0.8.5) + changealpha


Patch: changealpha



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