Enables to set _NET_WM_ICON which hardcodes an icon for st. An icon is already defined in the file icon.h which was created by the theme flat-remix.

Generally the icon of an application is defined by its desktop-entry. A patch with the name desktopentry already exists for this purpose. However, some programs like tint2 do not respect the desktopentry and rely instead on an hardcoded icon which has to be defined by _NET_WM_ICON. Since st does not define _NET_WM_ICON those programs will display some default icon (which is ugly).

Defining your own icon

You can of course change the icon to any icon you want. Just grab some icon from your favorite icon-theme. The tricky part is that it needs to be encoded as "an array of 32bit packed CARDINAL ARGB with high byte being A, low byte being B" - Source. This can be done with the script It takes as argument the icon-file and prints to stdout the encoded icon. Redirect it to icon.h to save it and reinstall st. You need to install both imagemagick and inkscape for the script to work.