Solves the frustrating necessity of adjusting the font size when constantly moving terminal window between monitors (i.e. by tiling WM).

Primary usecases:

Example for monitor splitting (first associated area is treated as primary): `bash xrandr --listmonitors | grep -wo "HDMI-0~[0-9]" | sed 's/^/--delmonitor /' | xargs -r xrandr xrandr --setmonitor HDMI-0~1 2845/648x1600/366+995+0 HDMI-0 --setmonitor HDMI-0~2 995/226x1600/366+0+0 none `


Associative map value meaning:

`c MonitorConfig monitors_config[] = { // {"eDP-1", ...}, // commented-out, uses default font size as usual {"DP-1", 0}, // auto-scales font size based on global Xorg DPI {"HDMI-0~1", -20}, // applies relative font size (e.g. "monospace-20") {"HDMI-0~2", -14}, // uses smaller font for ultrawide side-screen {"HDMI-1", 18}, // fixed font size for TV (i.e. "monospace:pixelsize=18") }; `

NOTE: font size is assigned separately per each output name, because there is not much sense to scale font size strictly and solely by DPI. And you may need intentionally different font sizes (like usecases above).


INFO: it clearly applies over at least 15 other patches.