Vim Browse

The vim-browse patch offers the possibility to move through the terminal history-buffer, search for strings using VIM-like motions, operations and quantifiers. It overlays the screen with highlighted search results and displays the current operation / motions / search string in the bottom right corner. The patch operates on top of the history-patch, which comes with a set of optional features that can be compiled-in as separate patches. Please leave a star.

Contributions & Bug Reports

Default Behavior:

A more detailed overview on the commands can be found here and in the file normalMode.c.

Enter / Leave different modes:



Patching and customization

The VIM patch performs changes in the config.def.h file, which need to be manually merged into a pre-existing custom config.h file. The following variables can be adapted from the defaults defined in config.def.h:


If you want to try out the current version of the patch before patching your own build, check out this repository, which contains a merged version of this patch with a reasonable configuration.

Based on a custom history patch, which is already applied in the patches below with full set of history features. A more minimal version of the vim patch can be generated from the st-history repository.

Authors of the Vim-Browse Patch