This patch allows you to select and copy text to primary buffer with keyboard shortcuts like the perl extension keyboard-select for urxvt.


The patch changes the config.def.h. Delete your config.h or add the shortcut below if you use a custom one.

Shortcut shortcuts[] = {
	{ TERMMOD, XK_Escape, keyboard_select, { 0 } },


When you run "keyboard_select", you have 3 modes available :

Shortcuts for move and select modes :

 h, j, k, l:    move cursor left/down/up/right (also with arrow keys)
 !, _, *:       move cursor to the middle of the line/column/screen
 Backspace, $:  move cursor to the beginning/end of the line
 PgUp, PgDown : move cursor to the beginning/end of the column
 Home, End:     move cursor to the top/bottom left corner of the screen
 /, ?:          activate input mode and search up/down
 n, N:          repeat last search, up/down
 s:             toggle move/selection mode
 t:             toggle regular/rectangular selection type
 Return:        quit keyboard_select, keeping the highlight of the selection
 Escape:        quit keyboard_select

With h,j,k,l (also with arrow keys), you can use a quantifier. Enter a number before hitting the appropriate key.

Shortcuts for input mode :

 Return:       Return to the previous mode